Family pushes for safer intersection in SE Portland

PORTLAND, Ore. - Residents fear someone will get hurt or killed crossing the street near Foster Road and Woodstock Boulevard along 97th Avenue if something isn't done.

The Portland Bureau of Transportation has identified Southeast Foster Road as one of the top 10 crash corridors in the city.

It has already identified a list of safety issues with Foster Street and has already put in some safety fixes. But the stretch of Southeast 97th isn't scheduled for any.

Parents in the neighborhood say the fixes done so far aren't good enough.

"The street is really dangerous for the kids," said Maria Aguirre. "They speed 45 miles an hour - sometimes 50 miles an hour."

The sign says the speed limit is 30 mph.

Aguirre worries about her children every day.

"They have to cross the road and don't have a crosswalk for the kids," she said.

Her daughter, Claudia Alvarez, is fed up with fast drivers. She also says cars rarely stop for pedestrians.

"And even if one car stops, the other two lanes don't stop. It's disrespectful," she said.

A PBOT spokesman said these aren't high-crash intersections even though Foster Road is one of the top 10 high-crash corridors in Portland.

PBOT says it looks at each of those as a whole so it doesn't push problems down the street.

That's not good enough for Alvarez, who is afraid for her siblings.

"I'm pretty much going to watch one of them get hit by a car, and that's not something I'm going to allow as long as I'm standing here," she said.

Alvarez and her mother want the city to fix the dangerous crossing.

"Not only to put in a crosswalk, but to enforce it, because sometimes you put in a crosswalk and people still don't care," Alvarez said.

PBOT says it doesn't hear from as many people with concerns as it'd like too.

It also says it's too soon to tell if there will be a major redesign in this area.

For now, it says the safest way for people to cross the street is one block down on 96th. There's a stop light and crosswalk there.

You can call PBOT's safety hotline at 503-823-SAFE to report concerns.