Family reunites with dog that ran away after Highway 6 crash

TILLAMOOK COUNTY, Ore. - The family of a Newberg couple injured in a car crash over the weekend reunited with their dog that ran away after the collision.

Rick and Shilo Walters were badly injured in the crash, but should recover. They were distraught over the disappearance of their dog, Daisy, who was in their Jeep with them.

Two search and rescue dogs found Daisy near the crash site on Thursday. Shilo Walters' mother, Sheryll Roy, reunited with Daisy near the scene of the crash.

"She was too scared to come out when she heard voices," said Roy. "But with the K-9s smelling her blanket we brought, they went right to her. They knew she was right there."

Roy said she spent two hours walking up and down the highway near the scene of the crash calling Daisy's name. Harry Oakes, who's worked in search and rescue for decades, arrived to help with his two search dogs, Willow and Tyler.

"I know how to find dogs that are scared," said Oakes. "I wanted to help."

Willow and Tyler ran straight to Daisy within minutes of being let out of Oakes' truck. Oakes said Daisy appeared to be in shock, which is why she didn't come when Roy called her.

"If Harry hadn't showed up with Willow and Tyler, I don't think Daisy would have come out," said Roy. "I really don't think she would have come out."

Rick and Shilo Walters were headed to a swimming hole in the Coast Range on Sunday afternoon. They were traveling along Highway 6 when they suddenly realized they were about to be hit by a car. Their Jeep was struck by a car driven by 56-year-old Russell Falotico of Beaverton.

Falotico died in the crash. Another driver, 45-year-old Trisha Homan of Portland, is accused of causing Falotico to lose control.

Investigators said Homan and Falotico were involved in "road rage" behavior leading up to the crash. Homan was arrested on several charges, including hit-and-run and negligent homicide.

Willow & Tyler, search dogs of search & rescuer Harry Oakes, found Daisy. #LiveOnK2.

Lincoln Graves (@LincolnGraves) July 31, 2014

DAISY'S BEEN FOUND! Lost after deadly Hwy 6 crash Sun. @BrianASKATU & I just saw the reunion at crash site. #LiveOnK2

Lincoln Graves (@LincolnGraves) July 31, 2014