Family's van stolen: 'It's the life-mother of the food bank'

VANCOUVER, Wash. - A Battle Ground, Wash. family's van that they use to deliver food from their food bank was stolen while they celebrated the birth of their grandchild at a hospital.

Jim Keithley and his wife on Sunday arrived at Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Center north of Vancouver, where their 24th grandchild was born Sunday evening.

They were only there for a few hours before someone stole their van, which they use to deliver food from their food bank ministry in Battle Ground to hundreds of people every month.

"That's what we use to haul the food from the county food bank to our food pantry. It doesn't just affect us. That's why we called you. Because it affects more than a hundred people a month," said Jim Keithley. "If we can't get that food, we can't hand it out, we can't distribute it."

The van is a beige 1991 Ford Aerostar with the Washington license plate AFY2843.

"I'm not angry. Jesus says forgive, so I hold no animosity," said Keithley. "I'm just perplexed as to why they would take that van. And we risk continuing on with the food bank if we don't get it back."

The hospital has surveillance video of the van leaving the parking lot. Keithley said it happened at 7:02 p.m., just minutes before he went down to the parking lot and minutes after his daughter arrived.

Keithley said the van may not be worth much, but it's worth a lot to them.

"It's priceless to us because we have no way of replacing it. It's the life-mother of the food bank."