Fans and air conditioners in short supply ahead of heat wave

PORTLAND, Ore. - It's been a stressful start to the summer for Sara Farmer. She's in charge of making sure the shelves at the Ace Hardware in the Pearl are full, lately that hasn't been easy.

"They normally stock six styles of air conditioners and we are out of all them," Farmer said.

But she does have everything from fans to high-end portable air conditioners you can take from room to room, prices range from $20-400.

Across town Hankins True Value in Northeast Portland got wiped out with the last round of hot weather.

They've only got a few fans, a resupply shipment is headed their way Friday but staff don't expect supplies to last long.

If the shelves are empty at those first two stops you may want to try your luck Ankeny Hardware in Southeast Portland.

They have a secret weapon, about 15,000 square feet of warehouse space which allows manager Norman Chusid to stock up on more air conditioners than anyone else around.

"Last year people came from as far north as Chehalis, as far south as Eugene, as far west as the coast and as far east as The Dalles to buy air conditioners here because we were the only people who had them," Chusid said.

We checked with Lowe's and Home Depot in Portland. Managers there they had limited supply. It's best to call before heading there.