Farewell, Mel! Melanie Wingo says goodbye to KATU's morning crew

PORTLAND, Ore. - Melanie Wingo is not going to miss setting her alarm for 2:20 a.m.

She will, however, miss pretty much everything else about life in Portland.

Wingo is leaving KATU News after just over six years as a reporter to move to Sacramento, where her husband landed a job. Her last day as part of the weekday morning team was Wednesday. Her last day with the station will be Saturday.

"I'm excited for the next chapter, but heartbroken to leave my friends at KATU and my home and this community," she said.

Wingo, who graduated from Syracuse as a broadcast journalism major, came to KATU after working as a reporter in San Diego, Medford and Klamath Falls.

She said her favorite Portland memory was the 2008 winter storm.

"We had a great week," she said. "It was like the town came to a standstill and we were in continuous coverage, and nobody could get around so everyone was glued to the TV."

Wingo said she plans to take at least a few months off to help her children - 10-year-old Grace and 6-year-old Luke - get acclimated to their new lives. After that, she plans to get back into the TV game.

"I feel honored to be welcomed into people's homes and this community," she said. "But I'm looking forward to not setting my alarm for 2:20 a.m. I looked at it when I was setting it yesterday and thought, ahhh - this is the last time."