Farm gives away Christmas trees: 'That's what this year is all about'

BORING, Ore. - Dick Trapp is honoring his late aunt's wishes.

"My aunt passed away a little over two months ago, and before she passed her and her business partner decided this would be the last year in the Christmas tree business," he said.

Trapp, a manager of Johansen U-Cut Christmas Trees in Boring, is giving trees away before the farm closes for good.

"It blesses me to bless others and that's what this year is all about," said Trapp.

Trapp said they've given away about 1,000 trees in the last two weeks, and the farm hopes to give away all of its remaining trees by Dec. 15. If you're interested in picking up a tree, here is the farm's address:

Trapp said customers have been surprised by the generosity.

"It was a couple of days ago that the first person that came was a single mom. She said 'this is so neat. I buy a couple of gifts for my children or I buy a Christmas tree, and this year they can have both,'" said Trapp.

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