Father holds up sign in plea for a kidney

A Newberg man is holding a sign by a busy street to pretty much beg, not for money, but for a kidney.

Kevin Gray has been spending a few hours a day standing near Highway 99W with a sign that reads, "Living Kidney Donor Needed. Please Help." It's one of few things he can do to raise awareness and take action after learning his kidneys don't work.

"I spend a lot of time in doctors' offices and I just started dialysis," Gray said. "You just go about your life like everything's fine, and next thing you know, it turns upside down."

Gray said he's standing by the street with his sign because his three daughters, ages 2, 12 and 17, depend on him and he can't imagine not being there for them as they grow up. He's also doing it for the thousands of people like him who also need a new kidney.

"It's not just about me. It's about having people sign up to be donors," Gray said.

While KATU News was talking with Gray, one woman pulled over and said she would sign up to see if she's a match.

"I'll check it out and see if I'm the same blood type and everything," Tiffany Mohr said from behind the wheel of her car. "No reason not to."

With that, Gray felt motivated to keep holding his sign.

"Just that one person stopping makes it worth standing out here," he said.

You can sign up to help Kevin Gray by putting his name as the recipient when you fill out this form.

Gray's wife also started this Facebook page.

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