Father of murdered mom: 'She had such life and adventure'

BEAVERTON, Ore. - For the first time Thursday, the family of murdered mother Nicole Laube spoke to the media about the heartbreak of losing their child.

Laube's father, Rich Jones, told KATU that Laube was his firstborn and was full of life and adventure. He said it still hasn't been easy to grasp that she's gone.

Laube was stabbed to death last week while she worked at the Timber Creek Apartments in Cedar Mill. The suspect in the case is still at large.

She was the pastor's daughter and the oldest of five children. She lived life every day full of energy. Jones said he can't understand why anyone would want to hurt his daughter and kill her. He said their faith is helping them through tragedy that they still can't comprehend.

"She was our firstborn. She's the adventurous leader of them all. I can't imagine being without her. Everybody feels the same," Jones said. "She had such life and adventure in everything she did. She didn't do anything half way. We're going to miss her terribly."

He said he hopes talking about his daughter brings her the justice she, her children and her whole family deserves.

There is a memorial service planned for Nicole. It will be at Southwest Bible Church in Beaverton and it starts at seven tonight.