Father saves victim's life, daughter helps police catch suspect after hit-and-run crash

BEAVERTON, Ore. -- Ancelmy Lopez called 911 when she heard a gentle knock on her bedroom window and saw a strange man climbing into her truck parked in the driveway.

"I was scared," she said. "What if it's a killer?"

It wasn't a killer, but it was the man Beaverton Police were searching for.

Officers arrested Guidel Santos, also known as Oscar Matias and Miguel Mejia, and accused him of felony hit and run and DUII after a crash around midnight Sunday on Tualatin Valley Highway.

According to police, Santos slammed his truck into a motorcycle and then ran away, leaving the motorcyclist unconscious on the curb.

Lucky for him, Scott Taubb was celebrating his daughter's 18th birthday and happened to pass by on his way home from the movies.

"I went from Dad mode to captain mode immediately," said Taubb, who also happens to be a firefighter.

Taubb turned the victim onto his back and performed emergency medical care to help him breath again.

The victim is now in fair condition in the hospital and expected to survive, according to authorities.

"Fate happened that night," said Taubb. "I usually don't come home that way."

Taubb's daughter, the 18-year-old birthday girl Kennedy, saw the suspect running from the crash scene and told police what he was wearing and what he looked like.

Officers used her description when they caught the suspect around 2 a.m. outside Lopez's mobile home a half-mile away.

"Police were walking with the dogs and their flashlights," said Ancelmy Lopez, watching from inside her mobile home as officers opened her Dodge Durango and pulled out a familiar face.

"Oh my god, it's actually him!"

Lopez recognized Santos (right), who she and her boyfriend called Miguel, from a landscaping job.

Santos is now in the Washington County Jail.