Faulty joint on ramp from I-5 NB to Hwy 217 causing crashes

LAKE OSWEGO, Ore. - There have been six accidents on it over the last two days, but Oregon's Department of Transportation still can't say when it's going to fix a ramp connecting northbound Interstate 5 with Oregon 217

A metal joint connecting two parts of the ramp is sticking up by about a half-inch. Don Hamilton, a spokesman for ODOT, says the joint could be what's causing the problem, which is under investigation.

"We can't give a deadline for something when we don't know what needs to be done yet," said Hamilton. "We're looking at this as quickly as we can."

Driver's who've crashed have been sent spinning out of control. No one's been seriously hurt but the accidents have caused major traffic problems.

Hamilton says if you go 35 mph or less you should be safe. ODOT has even put up a new electronic sign that displays the advisory speed limit. Because it's advisory, it's a suggestion, not the actual speed limit, which is 55 mph, meaning you could feasibly go faster than 35 and not be pulled over.

Meanwhile, researchers at Portland State University who monitor traffic patterns say drivers go an average of about 60 mph over the ramp.