Fed up with loud music, police say man reaches for his shotgun

OREGON CITY, Ore. - Baylis Youngblood apparently just wanted some peace and quiet and was fed up when he didn't get it.

But instead of politely asking patrons of a nearby bar to keep the noise down, police said he grabbed his shotgun and decided to make the point a bit more forcefully.

Last Saturday evening around 8 p.m. Youngblood, 80, was at his Oregon City home off Washington Street. The Ice House Bar a couple blocks away was having an outdoor event at the time and Youngblood thought the music was too loud, according to Oregon City police spokesman Sgt. Greg Johnston.

Upset at the loud music, Johnston said Youngblood reached for his shotgun.

"Around 8 p.m. Mr. Youngblood, armed with his cane, his 16-gauge double-barrel shotgun and four shotgun shells walked the two blocks where he confronted bar customers," Johnston said in a news release about the incident.

Police said Youngblood demanded the music be shut off and then pointed his shotgun at a patron. Several witnesses saw the incident unfold, including the bartender, customers and a couple who had just arrived.

Bartender Felicia Gomez tried to resolve the situation.

"I came over and asked him (what he was upset about) and he yelled that he lived here and we needed to turn it down," Gomez said.

Before Gomez noticed Youngblood had a shotgun, she said he was trying to get his point across another way -- by waving his cane.

"He had knocked it down a couple notches and you could see him waving it in everybody's face," Gomez said.

Witnesses told police Youngblood was on the sidewalk pointing the shotgun at a customer, Johnston said.

Youngblood eventually walked away but officers caught up with him near his home. They said he was still carrying the shotgun.

He was arrested without incident and taken to the Clackamas County Jail. Prosecutors are now reviewing the case to determine what charges Youngblood might face.

Youngblood's son on Friday offered insight into why his father's actions. Youngblood lives alone since his wife died a couple years ago.

"He had been drinking at the time, so that's all it was -- combined with a little depression," his son said. "Never would he harm another human being ever. He is a Korean War veteran. It's completely out of character."