Fight to raise minimum wage in OR to $15

SALEM, Ore. -- Among the rallyers and signs held high are people, some being the most impressionable. They might not understand what is going on and why, but they are learning. It's the reason they are here.

Saturday afternoon's rally to raise Oregon's minimum wage was 6-year-old Ahmed Dustinoney's first rally.

Hundreds of supporters gathered in front of the State capitol steps demanding lawmakers make Oregon the first state to raise minimum wage to $15. Legislators will hear a bill proposing the wage increase this upcoming 2015 legislative session.

Dad, Saie, and three-year-old brother, Raheem, watched on as Ahmed got in the spirit, booing a makeshift Ronald McDonald made to point blame at the fast food chain.

His explanation behind the "book" is simple and sweet, "For one, he was interrupting the show, right when it was getting good."

His reasoning is a product of a lesson he learned. It's one our parents tell us early on --the mantra of not interrupting others and be kind to one another.

Ahmed's dad is hoping the weekend rally will teach the 6-year-old a new lesson. One that is a little heavier perhaps.

"For my sons to understand the concepts of social justice and looking out for the next guy. That's important you know," Saie told KATU News. "I'm a firm believer that what goes around comes around, you know. If we contribute to our community and where we live, it just improves the whole thing."