Fire prompts apartment manager to evict Beaverton family

BEAVERTON, Ore. - A family of six found a notice on their door two days ago that they had to be out of their apartment by 9 p.m. Wednesday.

It wasn't an eviction because Margaret Baumgarner's family wasn't up on their bills. It was the result of a fire that devastated the family's apartment complex in Beaverton over Labor Day weekend.

Now, they're scrambling to find a new home.

The Aug. 30 fire left some apartment units unrecognizable - burned beyond repair. Others were left hanging.

Baumgarner thought her family might be able to move back in. She said managers downplayed it as just a possibility she would have to move because so much smoke covered the apartment. She didn't get a notice to leave until Monday.

"At first it was, 'Well, you'll probably be able to come back in your place. We're just going to look over it and see if it's liveable or not," she said. And then, 'Just get your stuff out.'"

Baumgarner scrambled to move out, but she said she's still waiting for her $300 security deposit and two days' rent the family was charged for two days in August after the fire happened.

She's also being charged for sewer and water. Baumgarner is fed up. Fortunately, the family does have insurance.

"To be displaced and have no notice, just kicked out of your place and you don't have any notice. It's not that easy to find a place when you have four kids," she said.

We tried to interview managers, but they declined to comment.