Fire response causes discolored water in NE Portland neighborhood

File KATU photo

Firefighters are using thousands of gallons to battle flames at a Northeast Portland scrap-yard, which is causing some discoloration in water for people living in the area.

The fire was reported about 9 a.m. Monday near Northeast 75th Avenue and Killingsworth Street. The response was upgraded to a five-alarm fire about an hour later.

Portland Water Bureau has been taking reports of discolored water in homes in the surrounding Cully neighborhood. People can flush the water out of their pipes by running taps for a minute or two.

According to officials, the discoloration is from harmless sediment stirred up when firefighters tapped into the water supply.

They expect it to clear up within a few hours.

People are asked to cut down on hot water use and avoid washing light-colored clothing in the meantime.

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