Firefighters rescue dog stuck on Cowlitz County bluff

KALAMA, Wash. -- Firefighters rushed to rescue a dog stuck on a bluff in Kalama.

They received a call on Thursday night of a golden retriever/Labrador mix scared and limping on the bluff above Old Pacific Highway between Bluff and Mount Pleasant Roads.

Rope rescue teams made their way up and they called in Longview firefighters to help them in the wet conditions.

Firefighters were able to use Longview Fire's ladder truck to get to the dog easily. They leashed Zeeke, walked him into the truck's bucket and brought him to the ground.

Zeeke's owner told crews the dog had vanished a couple of days ago and was very old. The owner thought he wouldn't see Zeeke again.

Zeeke was not injured during the rescue. Firefighters say the rescue not only saved the dog's life, but better prepared crews for future efforts to rescue people.