Firefighters rescue horse from mud hole in Salem

SALEM, Ore. Firefighters and others worked for three hours Sunday to rescue a horse named Missy that had fallen into a muddy hole that held it like quicksand.

Missy apparently fell off an embankment into a shallow creek where she was trapped by mud up to her sides.

Firefighters from Marion County Fire District No. 1 worked for about two hours before the owner, Robert Alexander Jr., called in a front-end loader to help.

The heavy equipment was fitted with lifting straps and a veterinarian sedated Missy before she was pulled out of the mud and placed on stable ground.

Sunday's rescue wasn't the first on the owner's property. In February, crews rescued another one of Alexander's horses after it became caught in barbed wire fencing in a pond.

"I knew if I called, the firefighters would be able to help us again," Alexander said.