Firefighters: 'She took one heck of a ride'

TROUTDALE, Ore. - Firefighters pulled 85-year-old Alva Mae Hurst from a ravine where her Cadillac took a nose dive late Tuesday night after rain left the road a little slick.

"She took one heck of a ride," firefighters said.

Hurst told KATU her car just lost control. It went off the road near Southeast Division and Troutdale Road and down an embankment.

"It turned and turned and then all of a sudden down -- was wondering when was it going to stop?" Hurst said.

She stopped, about 100 feet below in a thick brush by the creek. Hurst didn't call 911 though, not at first. She tried to rescue herself.

"I tried to go to the back of my car and move the bushes so I could back out. ...That didn't work," Hurst said.

So she finally waived the white flag and pulled out the cellular flip phone her daughter made her buy last year. She called 911.

Deputies traced her GPS signal, heard her honking the horn, and found her.

Gresham Fire crews were able to get to the car by going through private property. After they pulled Hurst out, she refused to go to the hospital. She said she was OK and they released her to go home.

"I didn't get hurt. ... I guess it was a blessing," she said.