First day of fall brings rain, wind, downed trees

PORTLAND, Ore. - A tree fell over and landed on a house in Southeast Portland Sunday as the region's first fall storm moved through the area.

Henry Linebaugh said the maple tree that fell on his home was planted in 1946 -- the same year the house was built and that he was born. Linebaugh spent Sunday evening inspecting the tree on his house at Southeast Hazel near Johnson Creek Boulevard.

He came out from under his house to check out the damage after heard a loud "boom." He was doing some work under there when the storm passed through.

He said his entire house shook when the tree fell. While he lost Internet and phone services, his power stayed on.

Linebaugh's grateful the damage isn't worse, even though Mother Nature has handed him a financial burden - moving that tree is going to be expensive.

He's handling it quite well, although he has some experience with this kind of thing. Linebaugh's family owned a tree service in Southern Oregon.

"I know the porch is hurt. I don't think the main structure is hurt, but I think it tilted it," he told KATU News.

Linebaugh said he has a 20-ton jack that he'll use to get a brace under the tree and take some weight off the house.

Another tree fell down Sunday afternoon about a mile from Linebaugh's house in the 5300 block of Southeast Lambert. It landed on a power line. Crews came and cut that tree up.

According to PGE, about 5,000 of its customers don't have power right now, more than half of those are in Washington County. Pacific Power isn't reporting any outages in the Portland area.

Arcing power lines in Vancouver cause power outage

Just before noon, tree branches blown into power lines in Vancouver led to explosions at the Bridgeport Shopping Center that rang through the neighborhood.

Vancouver firefighters rush into the street below, shutting down traffic near the arcing power line.

Windblown tree branches tangled in those power lines above Vancouver's Mill Plain Boulevard east of Interstate 205, eventually cutting power to the local neighborhood, affecting about 600 customers.

Clark PUD crews got the power back on in about an hour. They cut away parts of the tree that had been causing the problem and repaired the power line. But the flashing stoplights still snarled traffic until they were reset.

Video of arcing power line: