Food carts downtown hit by string of break-ins

PORTLAND, Ore. - Half a dozen food carts in downtown Portland were hit again Friday night after more than a month of break-ins.

"I got a phone call this morning that I got broken into," food cart owner Rita Hammond said. "Broke the locks, took the tip jar, took the counter and took everything in it."

This isn't the first time for Hammond, and her neighbor's been burglarized 10 times in the past month.

Another cart owner told KATU, "Maybe I want to sleep in my cart... to keep people away."

Owners were out replacing padlocks again on cart doors, but hope police will track down the thieves soon.

They're also looking into how to get cameras placed at each end of the parking lot to help identify the criminals.

"I believe in good karma and when people ask me for money I usually give it out," Hammond said. "I don't think it's fair you break into my cart and take money without asking."