Food with a side of terror

PORTLAND, Ore. - Where can you go on Halloween for dinner with a side of BOO?

Lots of places, as it turns out.

From a food cart to a pizza joint to a fine Italian restraint, there are plenty of scary restaurants in town.

Start with that spooky food cart.

"Yes, I'm from Romania, I'm from the region of Transylvania," said Transylvania Express owner Oliviu Todea.

Todea's gone so far as to give his menu items names tied in to Count Dracula.

Old Town Pizza is notable not for where its owner is from, but from where the restaurant sits - on top of Portland's Shanghai Tunnels.

Manager Zach Booth said odd occurrences are the norm.

"The most common phrase that you'll hear around here is 'Did anyone else see that?" he said. "Usually when a picture falls off the wall, it just comes straight down and we've actually seen them project off the walls.

"I think we've got a good relationship between us and the ghosts."

Also located on top of the Shanghai Tunnels is Mama Mia Trattoria, in the Waldo Building.

As legend has it, there's a spot in the restaurant where the floor used to open up and swallow sailors.

Manager Jared Brown said most of the weird happenings at the restaurant can be explained - but maybe not all of them.

"Sometimes, you see like a refrigerator would be moved," he said. "You never could really explain it because you're thinking 'everyone left early last night.'"