Fourth plaintiff in Clatskanie "sextortion" lawsuit talks

PORTLAND, Ore. -- A fourth student who'd recently joined a lawsuit against the Clatskanie School District over a so-called "sextortion" case says she was harassed and coerced into sending nude pictures to boys.

Hailey Walden was a student at Clatskanie Middle/High School. She says that when she was 13, a boy talked her into sending a nude picture of herself and threatened to post the picture on Facebook if she did not send him more pictures.

She accuses the school's former principal, Jeff Baughman, of telling her she was the problem. Walden claims nothing was ever done to stop the harassment.

"Why should we be punished and judged for something?" she asked. "I understand we sent the first picture and it was our fault and if we hadn't sent the first picture, this wouldn't be happening, but I was 13. I didn't know."

Walden transferred to another school. She's 18 now and hopes this kind of abuse ends.

"They need something to be done," Walden said. "They think they can just do stuff without getting in trouble. The reality is they can't."

The families of Josi Harrison, Laura Lefebvre, and another student initially filed the suit in federal court against the district and Baughman in October. Harrison and Lefebvre told KATU they were harassed for three years and the school took no action to stop it.

Baughman resigned in November.