Free flu shots attract big crowd

PORTLAND, Ore. -- The flu virus doesn't know who has insurance, neither should the vaccine.

That's what health managers at Legacy Emanuel Hospital in Portland said Monday as volunteers poked nearly 500 kids and adults with free flu and pertusis vaccinations.

Legacy employee health manager Bryan Goodin says it was a good opportinity to get both vaccines for people who need them.

And there's still time to protect yourself from the flu by getting vaccinated.

Health officials say that's still the best defense.

The northwest is in peak flu season right now.

Reported cases in some areas have doubled or even tripled in just a couple of weeks.

"The flu virus can circulate all year 'round. And we never know when the number of flu cases will start to drop. So if the flu season continues longer than expected these people will be covered," said Goodin.

Legacy doesn't have any more free shot clinics for this season, but Goodin said judging by the turn out, both the people who needed the shots and the volunteers who wanted to help give them, "you could see something like it again next season."

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