Freight container full of cattle falls off truck on Wash. freeway

SEATTLE - A freight container loaded with cattle fell off a tractor-trailer and onto Interstate 90 Saturday morning, landing on its side and killing some of the animals inside, the Washington State Patrol reported.

Trooper Julie Judson says it's unclear how many of the cows died.

The container, with about 30 cows inside, fell off the truck at about 9 a.m. near 18th Avenue South. After hitting the pavement, the container rolled over onto its side.

Authorities didn't want to release the cows from the container, due to concerns they might immediately wander off into freeway traffic.

The only other option was to right the container with the cattle still inside, so two large tow trucks were brought in, and they slowly righted the container. It was then loaded onto another trailer.

The cattle will now be trucked to Sunnyside, in Central Washington, to be inspected by a veterinarian.

Some lanes of I-90 were closed during the incident, causing minor traffic delays.