Friends, strangers leave notes for injured officer: 'You are loved for your act of bravery'

VANCOUVER, Wash. -- A crowd of people gathered on the front lawn of the Peace Health Medical Center on Tuesday to honor the Vancouver Police officer who was shot seven times Monday during a traffic stop.

Officer Dustin Goudschaal is recovering there and was last reported in stable condition.

Vancouver City Council member Anne McEnerny-Ogle organized a candlelight vigil and a "wounded warrior" prayer from a Native American tribe leader. People also left notes with messages for Officer Goudschaal.

"You are loved for your act of bravery," wrote one child named Robbie.

"I hope you're OK," wrote another child.

So many people wrote messages of thanks.

"Thank you for doing what a lot of us won't do," said a woman who doesn't know the officer but wanted to show support.

The officer's friend and neighbor Blair Kimball said he's been in contact with Goudschaal's wife.

"She appreciates the prayers and support of the community, and I think she's a little overwhelmed but we're here to support her," Kimball said.

He said Goudschaal always supports his wife's love of kayaking and has his own passion for running five miles every day.

"He's going to run ten, that's what we want him to do," Kimball said. "Just get back on the horse and keep going. That's the type of person he is."