Fugitive sex offender captured with help of social media

Dennis Davis. (Photo: Multnomah County Sheriff's Office)

A convicted sex offender on the run was arrested once again for trying to avoid being monitored.

Dennis Davis didn’t even make it a whole day on the run before someone spotted him and called police.

That’s because police said someone saw reports on Twitter that Davis was a wanted sex offender. That person saw Davis and contacted authorities.

Davis has been arrested 10 times for trying to evade monitoring since he was released from prison two years ago after serving time for a 1990 rape of a woman at knifepoint in the Columbia River Gorge.

Authorities said Davis cut off his monitor Wednesday evening at the Beaverton Transit Station.

But tweets about his disappearance led to a tip from someone who spotted Davis along Cornell Road about four miles from the transit center Thursday, and Beaverton police arrested him.

“The thing that was most uncommon about this was that we did get that information from a citizen who had seen it on our social media and took the time to give us a call and let us know, ‘Hey, that’s the guy,’” said Officer Bryan Dalton, with the Beaverton Police Department.

Just last February, Davis was arrested for possession of methamphetamine. He pleaded guilty, but his sentence was limited to 12 months of formal probation, even though drug use may be a trigger for Davis’ sex offenses.

Police said Davis gave them a false name when they first confronted him Thursday night, but eventually confirmed he was the man authorities were searching for.

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