Twitter thread filled with graphic 'confessions' from Clark Co. students

VANCOUVER, Wash. -- Parents, you may want to keep your eye on this one.

Hundreds of Clark County Teens are bragging about their sexual escapades on Twitter.

The posts are anonymous, but have explicit descriptions of sexual encounters by both boys and girls.

Some of the posters claim to have had sexual encounters with adults, even teachers, even at school. Tweets represented students from most of Clark County's high schools.

The twitter account is called "Clark County Fessions."

Evergreen, Vancouver and Battle Ground districts responded with statements saying they do not monitor sites that aren't sponsored by the schools or the districts. And they have programs to help families with internet safety issues. They'll also investigate bullying and harassment.

Evergreen School District, spokesperson Gail Spolar, told KATU via email, "We are really encouraging parents to step in and get involved since this is happening outside of school time (the account started last Thursday after we had early release for the inclement weather at 11:15 a.m., and students were not back in school until 9:45 yesterday morning). ESD 112 has some great ideas/resources from the Educational Tech department for parents."

The assistant superintendent of La Center School District told KATU they'll reach out to student leadership teams to approach other kids and appeal to their sense of right and wrong.

La Center kids popped up often in the thread, in a contest to see which school is "ratchet", meaning the nastiest or most promiscuous.

That bothered Samantha Adams, a senior at La Center High School.

"It's really vulgar stuff" she said.

She's worried what the comments can do to people's reputations. Including her own.

"They don't name names, but with the tagging and retweeting, everybody knows who the tweets are about" she said.

Other students have posted negative comments about the thread.

This type of account seems to be a trend on Twitter. After reading some of the postings, we found links to other similar sites that cover the state of Oreon, and smaller cities like Roseburg.

Social media experts say one of the best things parents can do is to make sure their kids have unlocked twitter accounts that can be supervised.

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