Gas station clerk looking for a raise after attempted robbery

VANCOUVER, Wash- When Roy Coffelt applied for a job at the Shell gas station off NE 112Th in Vancouver, he expected to be stocking shelves and helping out behind the register, but he didn't expect to double as a security guard.

Coffelt was working in the back when he says a woman, who police later identified as Catrina Jackson, walked in and started demanding cash.

"I just heard "give me all the money in the register" that's when I came around the side to see if everything was okay," Coffelt said.

He says Jackson pretended to have a gun in her pocket, but decided to take off when Coffelt's co-worker refused to open the register.

But he wasn't about to let her go. He chased after her and pulled her out of her car.

"I yanked her out took her down. I held her down until the cops got there," Coffelt said.

Those cops were able to get there very fast, because they were just down the road, taking a very similar report of an attempted robbery at this gas station.

"She's like I have a gun and I need you to give me everything in the register," Jessica Gilbert said.

Gilbert was behind the counter, when her surveillance cameras snapped this photo of Jackson.

She says Jackson pretended to have a gun but also just walked off when Gilbet wouldn't give her any money.

"I was just dumb founded. Why would you do the same thing twice knowing I was going to call the cops right away?" Gilbert said.