Giant reindeer brings cheer to Portland's Pearl District

PORTLAND, Ore. -- This cold weather has a local man going to new heights to collect blankets for the homeless.

In the Pearl district at Northwest 10th and Northrup in an empty parking lot, you'll find a 20-foot tall Rudolph with a sleigh.

"We got it on top of a giant structure and dragged it over here with a series of trucks," said owner Frank Mabry.

If it looks familiar, you're not imagining things. Two years ago Mabry helped build this trojan horse for a show at the Portland Art museum. Then in September, he moved it to his friend's Vancouver home and turned it into a unicorn. Just to make her smile.

Now, the horse is back as Rudolph with another special mission to bring cheer: collecting blankets for the homeless. Frank's been handing out blankets to people on the street for years.

"I was out till 2 a.m. last night and you'd be surprised how many people do not have enough or have none at all," he said.

This was just a bigger way to bring attention to the cause. And there's a special treat for kids.

"I've got an elf on the inside at the north pole and he talked to Santa and we got a little deal and he said if we can get enough blankets to fill his sleigh, he will be here at noon on Christmas day," Frank said.

People have donated more than 150 blankets so far. Frank hopes to get more than 500 by Christmas.

Frank says the horse is on private property and he has a deal with the property owner to keep the reindeer there through New Year's day.