Girl who claimed three men attacked her admits story was hoax

SANDY, Ore. - A 16-year-old girl who told Sandy police that three men attacked her while she was riding her boyfriend's bicycle last month admitted her story was a hoax, police said Tuesday.

The girl said the men attacked her on the night of June 29. Sandy Police Officer Sam Craven said police could not find any evidence to support her story at the time.

Officers found the bike the next day with a flat tire and damage to the front wheel, but there was no blood at the scene or on the bike, Craven said.

Police interviewed the girl again on July 11. According to Craven, she admitted that there was no attack and she was injured in a bicycle crash.

She told police she was drinking with her boyfriend when his dog escaped and they went outside to look for it. She took his bike and began riding, but did not realize the bike didn't have working brakes. Police said she picked up speed going downhill on Cascadia Village Drive and couldn't use her feet to stop because she wasn't wearing shoes.

The girl didn't remember the crash, police said. She told police she'd been attacked because her boyfriend asked her if someone assaulted her when he found her injured in the street and "she began to think that was what happened."

Craven said the truth came back to her while she was recovering in the hospital.

No one will be charged with a crime, Craven said.