Girls who pelt stranger with water balloons apologize with street sign

PORTLAND, Ore. - Most of us have been guilty of a little horseplay involving water balloons. But few of us likely ever got this punishment.

Two middle school-aged kids who hit a stranger with water balloons put up two signs on a street in Southeast Portland, publicly apologizing to the woman for drenching her.

The handwritten note, which was a hit on Portland's Reddit page, said: "To the lady I threw a water balloon at her (sic), I am sooo very sorry I threw an object (water balloon) at you that scared you so badly, but I will never do it again so please except (sic) my apology."

The sign, near Southeast 76th Avenue and Taylor, goes on to read: "Hope you forgive me. Do you forgive me?," with a box to check "yes" or "no."

We tracked down one of the teens and her mother, who shared the reasoning behind the creative punishment.

The two friends had been tossing balloons from the roof of one of their homes when the woman riding by on a bike got nailed. She let the girls know how mad she was about it.

"We got really scared and we lied at first," said one of the girls, Lorelei. "And my dad said, 'If you don't tell me then you're going to be in more trouble.' So I told him."

One set of parents heard the commotion and came up with a fair - and public -- resolution.

"She didn't really understand why somebody would get so upset over an innocent action," said mom Elizabeth O'Malley. "I said, 'Well, you're not throwing a balloon at another kid. This is an adult and they have adult concerns.' She was very upset - visibly upset."

The girls haven't seen the bicyclist since this happened last week and the sign is no longer there (the teens don't know who tore it down).

The sign isn't the only punishment. Lorelei has to do some extra chores and her iPod was taken away for a week.

She said she'll never throw anything at anybody again.