Good deed dentist offers to fix man's broken teeth

PORTLAND, Ore. - The kindness of KATU viewers came to the rescue again.

This time a dentist wanted to give a cyclist his smile back after a few teens knocked him off his bike and cost him a couple front teeth.

Tracy Robinson has never met the cyclist Andy Sweeney before but that didn't matter. He saw Sweeney on KATU's newscast Monday night and didn't think it was fair that a handful of teens could pull a prank and leave Sweeney with a dentist's bill that could cost a few thousand dollars.

Sweeney was on his bike headed back from the grocery store on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard when he said three teens took a traffic cone and tossed it at him.

It hit him and knocked him off his bike and knocked out a couple of his front teeth.

Robinson is a dentist with a practice in a couple locations, including Veneta where he chatted with a KATU reporter over Facetime.

"It pulls some attention away from the thugs and the senseless violence and kind of spin it towards something a little more positive," he said.

One look at his teeth and Robinson said he bets Sweeney will need a couple thousand dollars in dental work that he can't really afford.

Sweeney saw friends started raising money online to fund the dental work, but if he gets his dental work free of charge, Robinson hopes that could free up some money for charity.

"I saw the story last night and I was kind of shocked by the senseless violence of the whole deal and I thought it was pretty cool that I saw that a site had been set up for helping him to raise money to get his work done, and I thought I could do a little more than that," Robinson said.

He has requested the donated funds be donated to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation because his daughter has that disease.

KATU will keep you posted as soon as Robinson and Sweeney get in contact with each other.