Google Fiber plans for Portland, but not everyone will get high speed Internet

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Ultra high-speed broadband Internet could be coming soon to Portland, but not everyone will get to live in a "fiberhood".

The city council will discussed a tentative agreement for fiber-optic service with Google on Wednesday, said Mary Beth Henry, director of Portland's Office of Community Technology,

Henry told KATU, the goal is to give everyone an equal shot at getting the turbo speed Internet access that's 100 times faster than your standard broadband.

"They designed the city around fiberhoods. Fiberhoods would be small geographic area. In that small (area) Google is looking to see that there is sufficient interest in Google Fiber," Henry said.

If the council signs on, the agreement means Google will evaluate whether conditions in Portland are suitable for the service.

Currently, Google Fiber only available in Kansas City and Provo, Utah.

Portland, Gresham, Beaverton, Lake Oswego, Tigard and Hillsboro all entered into discussions with Google in February. So far, only Portland has announced a tentative deal for the fiber optics.

Google was searching for 33 cities that serve as "hubs for innovation."

Henry was recently named as the lead on the Google Fiber project in Portland.

"Once Google makes a decision to deploy here, and we hope they will, we're going to hit the ground running to make sure that those lower income neighborhoods understand what's at stake, even potentially help financially with training and equipment and potentially the installation fee," Henry said.

She went on to say the city, with the help of nonprofits and other partners, could potentially subsidize fees.