Governor's office says KATU had no interview scheduled; here's proof we did

PORTLAND, Ore. - Dozens of viewers wrote to KATU News after our exclusive report aired on Thursday, asking us to get more answers about the failure of the Cover Oregon web site.

Many of those emails demanded accountability from the governor about why he didn't step in to keep the project from going off the rails.

It's a question KATU News been trying to ask him for weeks.

After weeks of requests late last year, the governor's spokesman sent KATU News an email on Dec. 31, confirming time would be set aside for an interview on Jan. 31.

"The hold is for 2:30 pm on the 31st," reads the email from spokesman Ian Greenfield.

Though KATU was allowed four minutes with Kitzhaber on Jan. 9 following his news conference touting Cover Oregon's enrollment numbers, no one from the governor's office canceled Friday's interview.

In the final minutes of our special report Thursday night, a spokeswoman for Kitzhaber called KATU News to say we must be confused because there was no appointment on the governor's calendar.

KATU News' Hillary Lake went to Salem anyway on Friday to try to track down the governor.

We still want to get you answers to the serious questions our investigation uncovered.

Why did Kitzhaber say he first learned about the problems with Cover Oregon in October 2013?

Why did he ignore dozens of monthly quality assurance reports sent directly to his office that raised red flags about the project?

Why did he tell Rep. Dennis Richardson in a phone call Richardson said happened in September 2012 to "trust the team?"

A receptionist in the governor's office Friday told KATU the governor wasn't in the office. She also said she didn't have his calendar and didn't know where he was.

After several phone calls this morning claiming "confusion" over the scheduled interview, the governor's spokeswoman said she would call Hillary back to work out a time to meet.

We're still waiting on that phone call.