Grandpa walks through fire to save granddaughters' lives

"I can't sleep I can't even sleep at night. Every time I close my eyes I just see the flames again."

11-Year-old twin sisters Jaden and Jessie just can't shake the nightmare that wasn't a dream. The reality is, they could have died if Grandpa hadn't saved them.

"Something happened we went to bed and then hear a kaboom!"

They were staying in a trailer at the fair with their grandparents for the 4-H competition. All were asleep when explosion set the trailer on fire. Grandma was thrown from the camper in the explosion and feared her husband and her granddaughters wouldn't make it.

"He stayed inside and kept saying my girls my girls and went in there after them in the fire and smoke," Sunya Laing told KATU. "He just kept saying he had to 'get his girls'."

He did. 63-Year-old Chris Laing got them both out, barely a scratch on their head. Grandpa is in the hospital tonight, recovering from the second degree burns and blisters he suffered to save their lives.

"We're going to give him a big cake and a thank you card saying thank you for saving our lives," Jaden Laing said. "If he wasn't there we wouldn't be here. We'd be dead."

Firefighters are investigating the cause but say it appears to be an accident.