Gun gifts for women increase as gun makers up marketing to them

PORTLAND, Ore. - Guns as gifts for gals are becoming more popular this holiday season. Some gun manufacturers have started making gear just for women.

"There are new products on the market within the past two to five years that are geared toward women," Karl Durkheimer said.

Durkheimer, owner of Northwest Armory in Milwaukie, says gun manufacturer Smith and Wesson has five models of guns they call "Lady Smiths." Durkheimer says gun sales for women became more common after several tragedies, including the Sandy Hook School shooting.

Other popular items for women include pink guns, pink earmuffs, women's hunting clothing and special purses to hold guns.

Roger Lihs says the mass shootings prompted his wife to start going with him to the shooting range. He says he never imagined he would be buying his wife a Christmas gift at a gun store.

"She goes to the shooting range with me and she is darn good at it. Actually, she is better than me," Lihs said.