Gym club owner accused of not paying employees is facing eviction

PORTLAND, Ore. - Former NFL player and local health club owner, Sam Adams, who is accused of not paying his employees and refusing to cancel some members' automatic payments, is also fighting an eviction.

According to court records, Adams is trying to get rid of his Duniway Athletic Club even though he told a KATU News reporter over the phone last weekend it was only closed for renovations.

Members of the three clubs that are still open told KATU they can't stop their payments.

A KATU News reporter confronted Adams on Wednesday as he left the Multnomah County Courthouse to get his response. But he had no comment and strode toward an elevator. Just before the doors closed, he smiled at the camera.

Adams was there because the property owner of his Duniway Athletic Club is trying to kick his club out for good.

Because the Duniway Athletic Club is closed, members were told to use his Riverplace club nearby. But they have complained about it and say they were denied refunds.

Frustrated members on the Oregon Athletic Clubs' Facebook page talk about problems canceling payments.

Caryn, who also contacted KATU, wrote that she "just received a bill from my old gym at Hawthorn (Farms in Hillsboro). We don't even go there anymore."

Adams called the reporter after the courthouse confrontation and said he didn't like to be on camera. He promised to look into members' problems in Hillsboro first thing Thursday morning.

Although he denied similar concerns last week.

"They don't have a problem canceling or freezing their month to month membership. We never had that issue," he said at the time by phone.

This is on top of the countless employees who have told KATU News they haven't been paid on time or at all for months.

KATU News has also found complaints to two different state agencies from both employees and customers of Oregon Athletic Clubs.

Reporter Erica Nochlin tracked down Adams after getting a news tip from an employee that he was in town. If there's news happening that affects you, contact us at