Hales shakes things up with city bureau assignments

PORTLAND, Ore. - Mayor Charlie Hales shook up city government on Monday as he assigned the city commissioners and himself the bureaus they will oversee.

Hales had been keeping all of the bureaus under his own control for the first few months of his term as he sorted out budgets in the face of a $21.5 million shortfall. With those proposals on the table, Hales on Monday gave his commissioners their bureau assignments:

Mayor Charlie Hales

Portland Police Bureau
Portland Development Commission
Bureau of Planning and Sustainability
Office of Neighborhood Involvement
Office of Equity and Human Rights
Office of Management and Finance
Office of Government Relations
City Attorney
City Budget Office
Fire & Police Disability and Retirement
Oversight of the Willamette River Super Fund clean-up project

Commissioner Dan Saltzman

Bureau of Housing
Bureau of Fire & Rescue
Gateway Domestic Violence Center
Portland Children's Investment Fund (Children's Levy)
Liaison to the League of Oregon Cities; Travel Portland; Visitors Development Fund; and Home Forward

Commissioner Nick Fish

Bureau of Environmental Services
Water Bureau
Regional Arts and Culture Council
Liaison to Elders in Action; Regional Water Consortium Board; Venture Portland; Water Quality Advisory Committee; and Portland Utility Review Board

Commissioner Amanda Fritz

Bureau of Parks & Recreation
Bureau of Development Services
Liaison to Royal Rosarians; BDS Adjustment Committee; Building Board of Appeals; County Animal Control

Commissioner Steve Novick

Bureau of Transportation
Bureau of Emergency Management
Bureau of Emergency Communications
Liaison to: Joint Policy Advisory Committee on Transportation (JPACT); Portland Streetcar Inc.; Regional Emergency Management Group; BOEC Users Group; BOEC Finance Committee; Taxi Cab Board of Review; Towing Board of Review

Hales kept the police bureau under his own control, which is typical for Portland mayors. In most cases, however, Hales shuffled bureaus around so they're being controlled by different commissioners than they were previously.

Hales has said he wants his city council to run like a "board of directors" where commissioners question not just how their own bureaus work, but how every city bureau operates.

Portland has a different form of government than most cities. Each commissioner, including the mayor, is assigned specific city bureaus to oversee.

Hales said his shake-up should be a "bigger deal inside City Hall" and that people generally won't notice big changes in their day-to-day lives.