Local churchgoers pray for country's future on eve of election

Attendees at a church service at Southminster Presbyterian Church support each other with an embrace on the eve of this year's bitter election. (KATU Photo)

While millions across the country prepared to go to the polls, dozens filled the pews at a Beaverton church to pray not for the outcome, but the country.

"I'm so upset, that's why I'm here," said Linda Ingala. "I'm an older person now, and I've never seen an election like this."

Southminster Presbyterian Church always has a service on the eve of an election but felt having one this year was particularly needed.

The prayers were themed toward the election.

"It would be great to pray and gather together with other people in the community," Rebecca Martinson said.

Parishioners say they were praying for a certain outcome, but most of all hoping that a divided nation can come together after the election.

"We just need to remember that we are community, we are united," said Karyn Dix, Minister of Education and Spiritual Formation at Murray Hill Christian. "We're all connected. When all is said and done, on Wednesday morning we all have to wake up and live together still."

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