High-dollar fake credit card scheme lands men behind bars

TIGARD, Ore. - Two men are accused of going on a $100,000 shopping spree with fake credit cards, and police say they came all the way from Los Angeles, California to do it.

Xunhai Zheng, 33, and Jin Hua Lin, 22, are facing charges of first-degree aggravated theft, aggravated identity theft and organized retail theft. They are being held in Washington County, where investigators believe they racked up $30,000 in transactions alone.

Police caught up to the two Wednesday at a Nordstrom store at the Washington Square Mall in Tigard. Security personnel called police after recognizing the two men as suspects identified by other retailers in the area.

Investigators didn't take the men into custody right away. Instead, they followed them throughout the afternoon and watched them go shopping at a Macy's store in Hillsboro.

They then followed the pair to a hotel in Northwest Portland and confronted them. That's where investigators found an extensive collection of gift cards and merchandise they believe had been purchased with counterfeit credit cards.

Some of the gift cards police seized at the hotel. Investigators believe they were purchased with stolen credit cards. Photo courtesy of the Tigard Police Department.