High-risk warrant issued at Gresham house, site of marijuana grow

Search Warrent Issued on Carnegie Home 2 .jpg

Gresham Police issued a high-risk search warrant for narcotics and the manufacturing of marijuana on a home located at 1815 NW 7th Place early Friday morning.

The SWAT team was called in and neighbors woke up to the flashbangs when police went in at 2 a.m.

Before that happened, Gresham Police Officer Ben Costigan told KATU News two men were detained.

One came from inside the home and another man was found outside the home. Both men have since been released.

Two years ago, police said Erick Carnegie was killed during a home invasion at the same house. The men briefly detained Friday weren't related to the Carnegie family.

“We had some suspicions that [the murder] was related to the marijuana grow that was there. It is a legal grow. The victim Erick Carnegie was involved in that whole scene,” said detective Brandon Crate.

Carnegie's murder remains unsolved.

Earlier this month, police were called back to the home after several gunshots were fired at the house. Police have been looking for the driver of a dark-colored car that left the scene.

“We don’t know if the people shot from inside the car, if they exited the car, anything like that,” said detective Crate.

Because of that shooting neighbors have been on edge, including Friday morning.

"We kind of got down off of our beds and kind of took cover in the middle of our house because we knew a couple weeks ago, a shooting we heard," said neighbor Michael Jaden.

Officers have been watching the home for quite some time.

During the search officers found a rifle and handgun.

Detective Brandon Gentry adds, “Gresham Police Department seized 55 marijuana plants and left the homeowners with four plants, which is the allotment required by the new Oregon revised statute.”

Neighbors said they are glad police are doing something about the home.

"The police have been on it. I’ve never seen anyone else sketchy in the neighborhood," said Matt Eshnaur "I think it is a good thing. You know, this is a real nice neighborhood with a nice park and a lot of families here. This is just one out of place residence that we have to deal with here."

Gresham Police officers said they will continue to work on all three cases involving the home.

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