Hiking in the Gorge still dangerous as ice covers trails

After several weeks of ice and snow, there icy patches remain along trails in the Columbia River Gorge.

While ice has melted in the metro area leaving no trace behind, temperatures are cooler out in the Gorge, and many slippery spots remain.

“It was brutal, I saw like three kind of older people slip and fall and almost get really hurt, it was scary, really scary,” Hiker Laib Smason said.

Sunday night, Multnomah County Sheriff's Lt. Marc Shrake helped rescue a woman after she slipped off the trial.

“We utilized our trail running team, a two-person unit that will respond to you if we have good coordinates,” Lt. Shrake said. “Once you know you're lost, you need to stop and make that call."

Shrake said calling for help can be the difference between life and death.

“Make the call, stick with it, hunker down, shelter in place and get out of the elements as best you can and we will come get you,” Shrake said.

Shrake also said it's important to remember food, water, clothing and a fully-charged phone or GPS -- even if you think you are only going on a short hike.

Hiker Alex Lukac came prepared by wearing "Yaktrax" near Wakeenah Falls Monday.

"It’s been really icy,” Lukac said.

Lukac and her boyfriend came for a quick getaway, her boyfriend though didn't have additional traction and wasn’t so lucky.

“I don't think his shoes have the best grip on them but we are still having a good time,” Lukac said.

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