Hillsboro park reopens after no sign of cougars

HILLSBORO, Ore. - After not finding any signs of a cougar or receiving any sightings of one in more than 24 hours, the city of Hillsboro reopened Rood Bridge Park Thursday.

Three reports of a cougar near the park came in since Tuesday, prompting the city to close it until it investigated.

A resident told police they saw a cougar in a neighborhood near the park, and it appeared to be heading toward the park around 5:30 p.m. Tuesday.

Police visited the area, but did not see any signs of a cougar.

A cougar sighting was reported Tuesday night and also on Wednesday morning.

Hillsboro Parks and Recreation staff posted signs around the park advising people about the recent reported sightings.

Read more about cougars (information from Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife)