Bottle bombs found near Hillsboro middle school

Reports of explosive at Hillsboro park - KATU image

HILLSBORO, Ore. – Hillsboro Parks workers found several bottle bombs in a park Tuesday morning.

Officers at the scene said a worker found several bottles in Reedville Creek Park that contained a corrosive liquid. The top blew off when the worker moved one of the bottles, so they called Hillsboro Police.

"Now if you was to shake one of those containers up, they start producing heat. In essence, then you get the explosion that happens through that chemical reaction," Lt. Henry Riemann with Hillsboro Police said.

Officials called in the Portland Bomb Squad to dispose of the bottles. Police believe the bottles were left near the portable toilets some time late Monday night or early Tuesday morning.

Brown Middle School is located across the street from the park. Police said the school went into a lockdown for a half hour while the bomb squad used a water cannon to disable the bottles.

Authorities say Hillsboro's police school resource officers will help in the investigation, in case someone at a local school was involved in putting the bottle bombs at the park.

"People can get hurt. This ain't a game. This is where serious people can get seriously hurt. This stuff when it blows up, it can burn you right to the bone, make you blind," neighbor Dave Ward said. "It’s always concerning when you have a situation where a little kid could get off school or could be going to school and get hurt, you know."

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