'His Christmas present was he didn't get shot'

ALOHA, Ore. - An Aloha couple woke up Christmas morning to a man hitting them with a tiki torch.

Washington County deputies are investigating the incident, which started with a home invasion, according to spokesman Bob Ray. It happened at a home on 209th Street.

According to Ray, a man believed to be on drugs broke into the back door of the home while the couple was asleep, grabbed a bamboo tiki torch and took it into the bedroom where he beat the couple with it.

"He hit me a half-dozen to a dozen times at least. I lost count," said Aaron Kirchmann. "He was trying to hurt me. He was really trying."

Kirchmann grabbed a handgun in self-defense and a bullet discharged during a struggle, hitting a wall.

"He whacked my gun arm with it and caused my arm to get slammed down onto the nightstand and I hit my knuckle and that's when I depressed the trigger and I shot," said Aaron Kirchmann. "I wasn't actually shooting at the fella."

Kirchmann's wife Mindy called 911 to report the man in their house and shots fired.

"We had him captive in the bathroom, basically," said Mindy Kirchmann. "We put the phone down with 911 there on speaker phone for them to hear everything that was going on. The two of us sat there on him, I got my handgun back from my husband, gave him my shotgun and waited until police got there."

Deputies arrived at the home and took Matthew Zamora into custody. They took him to a hospital for a mental evaluation before booking him into the Washington County Jail.

Police said surveillance cameras caught Zamora wandering around an auto repair shop before he broke into the Kirchmann's home. Zamora did not steal anything, but he could be seen on video taking off his shirt and breaking out of the back window, police said. He left some clothes and his drivers license inside.

"I don't know what I would have done had he grabbed one of my children," said Mindy. "His Christmas present was he didn't get shot."

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