Historic Northwest Portland home saved after neighborhood protest

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Demolition crews had moved in Tuesday to tear down an 1892 Northwest Portland home and replace it with a modern building.

But upset neighbors did not give up hope and got together to protest a Google executive's plan to tear down the home and build a new one. And now the house is being saved.

It's hard to say right now why that Google exec had a change of heart. But he did.

An agreement was reached Tuesday to sell the house to longtime neighborhood residents Tom and Jennifer Saunders. The Saunders will be preserving the house as it is in the neighborhood the owners love so much.

Google exec Kevin Rose bought the house for $1.3 million. The Saunders are buying it from him for $1.375 million. That was Rose's asking price. He said he needs the extra funds to recoup his costs.

KATU has learned the deal is on paper and there's already been a deposit. It should be finalized in the next few days.