Hit-and-run, then frustration and anger for vintage car owner

PORTLAND, Ore. -- "I was sitting there at 2:30 in the morning watching Predator and I heard this crunch. That was the first hit," said Anthony Ragnone.

He made it out his front door in time to see a truck back into his vintage 1977 Volkswagen Rabbit, for a second time.

"He creased the fender and creased the door. If you go around to the other side you can see he shoved the car through the fence," Ragnone said.

By then the damage was done. But Ragnone wasn't about to put up with it. You see, he loves these old Rabbits. He restores them himself and even races them on the weekends.

So he started chasing the truck and managed to write down the man's license plate.

He called police and they tracked the driver down just an hour later. The driver may have left the scene after causing an estimated $2,000 in damages, but Portland police didn't arrest him.

"They said the DA doesn't have time for small cases like this," Ragnone said.

To make matters worse, when Ragnone called the man's insurance to file a claim, he was told the driver hasn't been covered since October. Now he's on the hook to cover the repairs.

"I am in remission from cancer, I don't have extra money. So I'd like to see something happen to this guy," Ragnone said.

KATU left messages with police about the incident, but they have not been returned.