Holiday Grinch ruins Salem family's Christmas

SALEM, Ore. -- Jose Gomez works hard to support his family. He and his wife spend all day on their feet at the El Torito Market in Salem.

They don't mind the long hours because it helped them afford some great Christmas presents for their two young boys.

They were wrapped and ready to go until a Christmas Grinch broke into their home.

"Somebody took the things under the tree. Our television. Our computer, and my wife's jewelry," Gomez said.

Gomez says it happened Friday night.

When they got home, all the gifts under the tree were gone, even a handmade gift his five-year-old son made for his mother.

"Shock, my wife was crying," Gomez said.

But the crime spree doesn't end in his living room. The very next morning a man smashed in the front door at El Torito and emptied out the cash register.

Supervisor Ana Perez isn't sure what to make of it all.

"That's really weird. It's like kind of scary," Perez said.

Gomez is trying to remain optimistic. He says those gifts can be replaced, he's just glad his family wasn't hurt.