Holographic tool helps students dissect reality

Students at French American School in Portland explore 3-D computer images of real world objects inside a bus. A company called Z-Space created the holographic teaching tool. (KATU Photo)

PORTLAND, Ore. - Students at the French American School recently stepped onto a bus and into virtual reality.

A company called Z-Space developed a 3-D, holographic teaching tool that allows students to look deep into a beating heart, a volcano or a frog's anatomy.

"What we have are interactive glasses - we call them our leader glasses - it allows the students to interact and see a holographic 3-D image," said Ron Kiser, with Z-Space. "They're exploring the heart and butterfly and different types of scenes. We have follower glasses that allow two students to work together."

Using a stylus, students can peer inside things - a house, an airplane, a watch - and take them apart piece by piece.

"It's engaging, immersive technology," Kiser said. "I can get lost for hours in this program."

Students can learn without worrying about spilling chemicals, making a wrong incision, or blowing up an electrical circuit.

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