Homemade bomb disfigures Oregon men

ONTARIO, Ore. (KBOI) - Two men suffered life-threatening injuries after a homemade bomb went off in eastern Oregon Sunday.

Ontario Police say the device went off west of Vale in the Bully Creek area.

The Nampa Bomb Squad was called to the hospital after it was believed an additional unexploded device could be in the vehicle. The area was cordoned off, but no device was found.

The victims, a 59 and 60-year-old, live in Ontario. One of the men was flown to Portland while the other was taken to St. Alphonsus in Boise. The life-threatening injuries are described as disfiguring.

Police received a search warrant for the home of the victims who live on the 1200 block of Southwest 3rd. It's unclear what officials found inside the home.

Numerous agencies are continuing to investigate.