Hood River works to clean up after ice storm

HOOD RIVER, Ore. - A break in the weather gave people a chance Monday to look at the damage of recent storms and do some cleanup.

The ice and snow is melting and most people have their electricity again.

The break in the weather also let power crews get to some of the more remote areas that have been without electricity for four or five days.

Across the Columbia River in Klickitat County, there was still close to 2,500 homes without power Monday.

Hundreds of trees in the Columbia River Gorge came down or lost limbs from the heavy ice. And some roads are still blocked by down trees.

Even though they have electricity back, residents may not have their telephone and Internet connections back. Some people said they get so used to communicating over the Internet they'd almost rather be without heat than Internet access.

Power companies think most of the power will be restored by Monday night or Tuesday, including those in Washington. The hardest to get to areas may take another day. The Hood River Electricity Co-op said the Dee and Parkdale areas were the hardest hit with power outages.